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Studies have shown that there are more married ladies cheating on their husbands now than ever before. For some reasons, marital vows appear to mean less than the used to in the elderly days. So why ladies cheat on their spouses? There are several responses that are given by ladies who are having affairs as to the reason they cheat. Married women cheating have become common. There are married dating who are in search of sex partners. Some of the main reasons given by ladies are that their expectations were not met. Those expectations could be romance, passion, attention, responsibility, motivation, extra money, a better job, intimacy, etc. All of that combined with limited communication between the spouses drives married woman to cheat.

Some ladies say that it is healing to have an affair. If they have been cheated on before, they will cheat to give the partner a dose and his own medicine and the revenge feels lovely. They feel healed to find that lost sexual self that they felt was gone after their partner went out and cheated. If a woman does not feel loved, or feel that her husband is emotionally withdrawn, or feel the dearth of pleasure and intimacy in a relationship, she is more likely to seek all of those outside of her conjugal relationship. They will find somebody to have an affair with to get what is lacking in her relationship.


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